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Rapid Prototyping and its Favorable Aspects to Manufacturing

Rapid prototyping and urethane casting have provided a lot of benefits to the manufacturing industry for many years. Actually, in the past few years, the methods in rapid prototyping have improved a lot and manufacturing companies are still using them worldwide.

Rapid prototyping is a method used by manufacturers to create physical objects that will be observed and analyzed to create the final product of the company. Since manufacturers obtain many benefits in using this method, they are always considering this in manufacturing. Here are the popular benefits that you can obtain from rapid prototyping if you are manufacturer.

Designing Products

Basically, a good design for products is not only based on the illustrations and drawings made by the designers especially for market products. The designs must be made into reality and it has to be created with a physical form so you can easily know if the design is good or not. Prototyping is used to make the designs a reality and help the manufacturers improve the looks of the product by creating them. Until the design that they want is completed, the creation of prototypes will be continuous.

Track the Design Process Effectively

As what is mentioned earlier, rapid prototyping can provide help to the designers in keeping track of the improvements and changes on the design. The designers will not have any trouble in creating improvements for the next prototype because they are effectively tracking the changes on the design.

Prevents Problems on Manufacturing

Prototyping can prevent any kind of defects on the products created by the company so it is a good option. The defects can be prevented from happening with prototyping and they can easily see problems on the product even before it is released on the market. It will be easier to pinpoint the problem on the product and they can easily find a solution to it and prevent the products from having problems and defects.

Save Money

A lot of experts already said that prototyping helps companies save a lot of money from products that will be replaced because of defects. As you can see, there are a lot of websites that can also give you a couple of information about the other benefits offered by rapid prototyping.

If you want to improve the products that you are manufacturing, you need to remember that rapid prototyping will always be a part of your processes and it will help you create the best products.

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The Different Variations of Rapid Prototyping

For all the companies on the manufacturing industry, you are probably aware of the importance of prototyping in the development of plastic parts. Basically, during the research and development of a particular product, prototyping can really be a great help and it plays a very important role.

If a particular product will be mass produced, rapid prototype plays a very important role because any kind of damage or problems on the product is already irreversible once made. If you will look closely on the scenario, the company will surely waste a lot of time and products if they manufactured a product with a lot of defects. If they manufactured 5,000 products with defects, they need to do it again and produce another set of products without any defects. Well, this is one of the reasons why the manufacturers around the globe are looking closely in using prototypes before they decide to mass produce a product.

If you will use cast urethane before your produce the products, you can easily determine if there are any defects or problems on the prototype. You can create as many prototypes as you wanted to correct the mistakes that you have seen to make sure that you will not have any problems on the finished product when it is mass produced. This will surely save your company a lot of time and money since you do not need to worry about defects on the products. There are a lot of websites that can provide some benefits in using rapid prototype.

You can learn about the different types of rapid prototyping depending on the needs and wants of manufacturers.


This form of prototyping is making use of UV rays to solidify liquid acrylic polymer layer by layer until the prototype desired will be completed. This type of prototyping is actually made through the use of a machine known as VAT. A lot of people prefer this kind of prototyping because of its accuracy and it is faster compared to the other types of prototype.

Fused Deposition Modeling

This is a kind of prototyping where the manufacturers are using CAD drawings to convert them to physical parts and create a prototype. Since the parts are created based on the drawing, the physical parts will be created almost immediately.

Selective Laser Sintering

This is one of the most complicated processes in prototyping because it is a heating process where melting is prevented to produce a coherent mass. They are making use of a CAD program guided laser to fuse the powdered material and create the prototype.


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